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Samantha Bond

Samantha Bond (born November 27, 1962) is a British actress best known for her role as the current Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise. Moneypenny is the secretary to James Bond's boss, M. Samantha Bond has appeared in many television series, notably 1997's adaptation of Emma, starring Kate Beckinsale. She is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and starred opposite to Dame Judi Dench, the current M, in David Hare's award-winning play Amy's View at the Royal National Theatre.

In 2004, she starred opposite Peter Davison in the ITV drama-comedy Distant Shores .

James Bond Franchise

Currently Samantha Bond has been in four James Bond movies. She was proceeded by Caroline Bliss and Lois Maxwell. In November 2004, media reports indicated that she would not be returning to the role for the upcoming Casino Royale.

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