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  • Rota was a Valkyrie in Norse mythology, who chose those who were about to die on the battle-field.
  • Rota is a Latin word, meaning "wheel".
  • Rota can also be a wheel used for measuring distances along roads and railway lines. These wheel often come with a mechanical counter to simplifies the task of counting the number of revolutions, or better still, the number of yards or metres.
  • The rota was a cylinder, open on one side, that was built inside a wall of a monastery; it was used for exchanging mail and food with cloistered clergy, being their only communication with the world.
  • Gian-Carlo Rota was a 20th-century Italian-born American mathematician and philosopher.
  • Nino Rota was a 20th-century Italian composer.
  • The Sacra Rota is the tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church that deals with divorces.
  • Rota is a town in Spain.
  • Rota is the southernmost of the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Rota (volcano) is a volcano in Nicaragua.
  • In medieval music, a rota is a name for a type of round, specifically as practiced in England in the 13th and 14th centuries. The term is Latin for "wheel".
  • The Rota Club was a political club in circa 1702 in London. Its members proposed radical political reform, and the club is mentioned as an enemy of the state in Jonathan Swift's A Tale of a Tub.
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