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Office of the Revenue Commissioners

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The Office of the Revenue Commissioners (RC) - now called simply Revenue - is the Irish Government agency responsible for customs, excise, taxation and related matters. Revenue was established by Revenue Commissioners Order, 1923 and is responsible to the Minister for Finance and was for many years referred to as the Revenue Commissioners. Revenue can trace itself back before the creation of the Irish Free State, however the Act of Union 1801 amagamated its forerunners with HM Customs & Excise in the United Kingdom.

Revenue consists of a Chairman and two Commissioners all of whom have the status of Secretary General as used in Departments of State. The current Commissioners; Chairman Frank Daly, Commissioner Josephine Feehily and Commissioner Michael O'Grady. Additionally their are approximately 7,000 full-time and almost 3,000 part-time and temperary staff of various seniority which carry out the functions.

Revenue are based in Dublin Castle and use a symbol of its gates as its logo, while it's staff of almost 10,000 work in almost all of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. The motto of Revenue translates as "to serve the community by fairly and efficently collecting taxes and duties and implementing import and export controls".

From April 1979 until June 2000 Revenue had control of the issue of the Personal Public Service Number (Revenue and Social Insurance Number) to individuals. In 1991 it delegated a block of numbers to the Department of Social Welfare and on June 19, 2000 the issuing was transferred to the department entirely.

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