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Residential area

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A residential area is a type of land use where the predominant use is residential. In areas that are zoned residential areas may be single family housing , multiple family housing , (apartments, duplexes (or similar configurations), condominiums) or mobile homes. Zoning for residential use may permit some services or work opportunities or may totally exclude business and industry. It may permit high density land use or only permit low density uses .

In certain situations residential areas may consist of quite large tracts of land which have no services whatever requiring a trip to town in order to fulfill basic needs. Because of the large distances involved most of these numerous trips involve using a motor vehicle. In the case of a land development the pattern of development is set forth in the restrictive covenants contained in the deeds to the properties in the development. This creates a situation which is not easily changed as the agreement of all property owners (many of whom may not live in the area) must be obtained to effect a change.

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