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Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico

The Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico is a nonvoting representative of the United States House of Representatives elected by Puerto Ricans every 4 years. The representative is allowed to, and serves as process observer, in U.S. Congress committees.

List of former Commisioners

Term(s) served Name Puerto Rican Party United States Party
2005 – present Luis Fortuño (elected, but not sworn in) PNP Republican
2001-2004 Anibal Acevedo Vila PPD Democratic
19932001 Carlos Romero Barcelo PNP Democratic
19921993 Antonio Colorado PPD Democratic
19851992 Jaime Fuster Democratic
19771985 Baltasar Corrada del Río PNP Republican
19731977 Jaime Benitez PPD
19691973 Jorge Luis Cordova PNP
19651969 Santiago Polanco Abreu PPD
19461965 Antonio Fernós Isern PPD
19451946 Jesús T. Piñero PPD
19391945 Bolívar Pagán Coalitionist
19331939 Santiago Iglesias Pantín Coalitionist
19321933 José Lorenzo Pesquera Nonpartisan
19171932 Felix Cordova Davila Unionist
19111916 Luis Muñoz Rivera Unionist
19051911 Tulio Larrinaga Unionist
19011905 Federico Degetau Republican

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