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The verb to render has a number of meanings:

  • As used in computer rendering. To interpret, to give an interpretation or rendition of; to calculate an image. Often used in connection with computer graphics or 3D computer graphics to describe the process of producing an image in the digital realm by using a description of objects, lights illuminating those objects, and cameras viewing them - all depicted within an imaginary scene. The passage of light through that scene and its interaction with the objects' surfaces are simulated by complex algorithms that calculate how this would appear in the 'real world'. This surface simulation is often known as Procedural textures
  • Processing of waste animal parts to separate the fat from the bone and protein. See Industrial rendering
  • To give (a thing) to someone else, as in the phrase "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's."
  • To apply a mixture of cement and sand to a brick or concrete wall to provide a smooth surface that can then be painted. When this is done in a rough manner, typically with a hessian bag, it is known as bagging.
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