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Renaud Séchan

Renaud Séchan, known as Renaud, (born in Paris on May 11, 1952) is a popular French singer.

His early work is characterized by a volatile temperament, innovative use of French, and edgy, dark, social and left-wing political themes. Raised in an educated milieu, the son of an intellectual, Renaud in the 1970s adopted the looks and attitude of working-class youth, and reflected this in his lyrics. A recurrent theme is his disgust for the average French people with petty bourgeois preoccupations and right-wing leanings.

His music focuses on themes that concern him: the disparity between classes, the abuse of political power, overbearing authority, disgust for the military, and rare glimpses of tenderness for his fellow humans, the planet earth, and art. His song Miss Maggie complimented the kindness of women with the markedly ironical exception of Margaret Thatcher.

Renaud's later work is distinguished by love songs, and songs he wrote for his daughter, family and friends.


  • 1975 Amoureux de Paname
  • 1977 Laisse béton
  • 1979 Ma gonzesse
  • 1980 Marche à l'ombre
  • 1980 Bobino (Live)
  • 1981 Le retour de Gérard Lambert
  • 1982 Un Olympia pour moi tout seul (Live)
  • 1983 Morgane de toi
  • 1985 Mistral gagnant
  • 1988 Putain de camion
  • 1989 Visage pâle rencontrer public (Live)
  • 1991 Marchand de cailloux
  • 1992 Renaud cante el' nord (Traditional folk songs)
  • 1994 A la belle de mai
  • 1996 Paris-Province (Live)
  • 1996 Renaud chante Brassens
  • 2002 Boucan d'enfer
  • 2003 Tournée d'enfer (Live)


  • 1993 Traditional music album of the year award for "Renaud cante el' nord"
  • 2001 Lifetime achievement award
  • 2003 Three awards give for : Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year (for Manhattan-Kaboul with Axelle Red )

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