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A register is a device for storing data.

  • Historically, a register was a sign or chalkboard onto which people would write cash transactions for later bookkeeping, often with chalk. It can also be used to mean a paper register such as one would keep of a check book .
  • To register a charity means to apply to the government for a non-profit organisation to be officially recognised as such, and thus gain more credibility and possible tax relief.
  • In Britain, births, deaths, and marriages are registered at a registry office .
  • The term is used in Australia and America as a short form for cash register, a device for tracking retail sales and known to the British as a till. This name came into use because the cash register generally replaced earlier registers in use.
  • In digital circuits, registers are various devices used to store and process data, implemented with multivibrators to form e.g. flip-flops. In computing, a hardware register is a placeholder for information about some hardware condition, configuration, or buffer, whereas a processor register is a component inside a central processing unit for storing information, such as a memory address, or the inputs or results of a computation. The origin of the name is similar.
  • In music, register is the relative "height" or range of a note, set of pitches or pitch classes, melody, part, instrument or group of instruments.
  • The Register [1] is a technology news website.
  • A register is a subset of a language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting. For example, the average English speaker will likely adhere more closely to prescribed grammar, pronounce gerunds and present participles with a /N/ sound, and refrain from using the word "ain't" when speaking in a formal setting, but the same person could violate all of those restrictions in an informal setting; these two varieties of speech are separate registers of English.
  • A register is an outlet for forced air, usually as part of a forced air heating and cooling system.

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