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Alternate uses: Raisin (disambiguation)

A Raisin is a sun-dried or artificially dried grape, used in cooking and baking. Raisins are extremely sweet due to their high sugar content, and if they are stored for a long period the sugar crystallises inside the fruit. This makes the fruit gritty, but does not affect the usability. To decrystalise raisins, they can be soaked in liquid (alcohol, fruit juice or boiling water) for a short period, dissolving the sugar.

In the USA, the term 'raisin' refers to any form of dried grape. California raisins, both the sun-dried dark naturals and the goldens, are made by drying Thompson Seedless Grapes. Goldens are flame dried. Another variety of seedless grape, the Black Corinth , is also sun dried to produce Zante Currants, a mini raisin that is much darker in color and has a tart tangy flavor. In Australia and other countries specific varieties are given separate names - see sultana, currant.

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