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Racial purity

The concept of racial purity is associated the belief that the various so-called races of mankind should be kept "pure" by not permitting interbreeding.

This belief is associated with racism and attempted biological justifications for this concept are now regarded as pseudoscientific.

Miscegenation is a term for people of different human races producing offspring; it should be noted that the use of this term is almost invariably restricted to those who believe such "race mixing" is inherently bad.

The racist and Anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws enacted by the Nazis in Germany against the large German Jewish community forbade marriages between the Jews (deemed as Untermenschen - "lower people") and German "Aryans" (deemed the ‹bermenschen - "higher people"). Many interfaith and intermarried couples committed suicide when these laws came into effect.

Racial purity vs. Genetic diversity

While some people want to preserve the "racial purity", others think that, quite contrary, it is desirable to increase genetic diversity of human populations, arguing that it would increase the range of talents available to society; also, it would improve the overall health of populations due to heterosis (or "hybrid vigor").  The successes of United States — the great "melting pot" — may provide a support for this point of view.

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