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Rachel Sweet

Rachel Sweet (born July 28, 1962 in Akron, Ohio) is an American singer and actress.

She began recording country music in 1976, but with little success. She signed to Stiff Records and released her first album, Fool Around , in 1978. The album was a critical success, but sales were poor. Her follow-up, Protect the Innocent , was largely ignored by the public and the music media. She then signed to Columbia Records in 1981, releasing And Then He Kissed Her , which launched the hit "Everlasting Love", a duet with Rex Smith . Sweet only released one more album, 1982's Blame it on Love before retiring. She returned to music sporadically as she focused on her education, recording the title track to the films Hairspray and Cry Baby. She has since focussed on establishing an acting, writing, and producing career.

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