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Quote whore

"Quote whore" or "blurb whore" is a clearly pejorative term used by some movie reviewers (for example, Roger Ebert) to describe other reviewers (who provide reviews of movies before the movies are released), whose reviews are uniformly positive. Such reviews feature stock phrases (such as "spectacular," "edge-of-the-seat," "thrilling," "joy ride," "triumph," "tour de force," etc.), which are almost always followed by one or more exclamation points. Movie studios can then use those quotes in their advertising.

Many quote whores are perceived as sharing positive, quotable reviews in exchange for free trips, food, movie-related trinkets, and other items of value, or indeed, free advertising for their own publication.

Reviewers using the phrase wish to voice their opinion that the other reviewers demean the profession by in effect selling positive reviews for movies that may not seem to deserve them.

One reviewer who was widely labeled a quote whore was David Manning, whose quotes often appeared on promotional posters for Columbia Pictures. In early June 2001, the company admitted that Manning was an entirely fictional creation of their marketing department.

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