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Professional dominant

A professional dominant is a sex worker who performs the dominant role in BDSM activities in exchange for money. Most professional dominants do not have sex in exchange for money, and do not regard themselves as prostitutes.

Most professional dominants are female, as most customers of professional dominants are submissive heterosexual males who choose to be dominated by a member of the opposite sex. However, there are also male professional dominants serving gay men, and both straight and gay women can also be customers of professional dominants.

A female dominant is known as a dominatrix, and the term is often used as a synonym for a female professional dominant. A pro domme is another term used for a female professional dominant.

A professional dominant may either work by themselves (often with a maid or minder present) or in an establishment with other professional dominants. Professional dominants advertise in specialist contact magazines, as well as on the Web; there are a number of Web-based directories for professional dominants.

The fictional film Maîtresse, starring Gérard Depardieu and Bulle Ogier , depicted a professional dominant.

Services provided by professional dominants include:

Typically, the services of professional dominants are booked in advance, as with other professional services.

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