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Heads of State of the Central African Republic (and Central African Empire)

List of Heads of State of Central African Republic and Central African Empire

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Incumbent Affliation Notes
Central African Republic
(République Centrafricaine)
13 August 1960 to 14 August 1960 Paul Camille Bordier    
14 August 1960 to 12 November 1960 David Dacko, acting President MESAN 1st Term
12 November 1960 to 31 December 1965 David Dacko, President
1 January 1966 to 18 October 1976 Jean-Bédel Bokassa, President Mil/MESAN Changed name to Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa
18 October 1976 to 4 December 1976 Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa, President Previously named Jean-Bédel Bokassa
Central African Empire
4 December 1976 to 20 September 1979 Bokassa I, Empereur de Centrafrique par la volonté du peuple Centrafricain, uni au sein du parti politique national, le MESAN
Emperor of Central Africa by the will of the Central African people, united within the national political party, the MESAN
MESAN Hitherto President Salah Eddine Ahmed Bokassa
Central African Republic
(République Centrafricaine) (Ködrö tî Bê-Afrîka)
20 September 1979 to 1 September 1981 David Dacko, President MESAN/UDC 2nd Term
1 September 1981 to 21 September 1985 André Kolingba, Chairman of the Military Committee of National Recovery Mil  
21 September 1985 to 29 November 1986 André Kolingba, Head of State RDC  
29 November 1986 to 22 October 1993 André Kolingba, President  
22 October 1993 to 15 March 2003 Ange-Félix Patassé, President MLPC  
15 March 2003 to present François Bozizé, President Mil  


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