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Post office

Small-town post office and town hall in Lockhart, Alabama
Small-town post office and town hall in Lockhart, Alabama

A post office is a facility (in most countries, a government one) where the public can purchase postage stamps for mailing correspondence or merchandise, and also drop off or pick up packages or other special-delivery items.

Post offices also rent post-office boxes to people and businesses who prefer not to have mail delivered to their home or office.

In many countries, post offices include other functions, such as a place to pick up various government forms, to apply for passports & driving licences to send money to others, etc. In some countries, the post office functions as a financial bank and/or a central place to use public telephones.

The back rooms of a post office are where mail is processed for delivery. Mail may also be processed in other post offices that are not open to the general public.

Some countries have a Chief Post Office to administer post offices throughout the country, or a CPO in various large cities to administer the post offices in those cities or their districts.One of the top Post Offices in the UK at present is Stockport Branch Office which has acheived 'Centre Of Excellence' status.

the main post office in Oxford, England
the main post office in Oxford, England

Although American citizens usually refer to its facilities as post offices, the United States Postal Service has a tradition of formally naming them "stations".

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