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Pope Alexander II

Alexander II, Anselmo Baggio (d. April 21, 1073), pope from 1061 to 1073, was a native of Milan. As bishop of Lucca he had been an energetic coadjutor with Hildebrand in endeavouring to suppress simony, and to enforce the celibacy of the clergy. His election, which Hildebrand had arranged in conformity with the decree of 1059 (see Pope Nicholas II), was not sanctioned by the imperial court of Germany. This court, true to the practice observed by it in the preceding elections, nominated another candidate, Cadalus, bishop of Parma, who was proclaimed at the council of Basel under the name of Honorius II, marched to Rome, and for a long time threatened his rival's position. At length, however, he was forsaken by the Germanic court and deposed by a council held at Mantua; and Alexander's position remained unchallenged. Alexander was followed by his associate Hildebrand, who took the title of Gregory VII.

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