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Editorial cartoon

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This early political cartoon by was originally written for the , but was later recycled during the
This early political cartoon by Ben Franklin was originally written for the French and Indian War, but was later recycled during the Revolutionary War

An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message.

Editorial cartoons can be very diverse, but there is a certain established style among most of them. Most editorial cartoons use visual metaphors and caricatures to explain complicated political situtations, and thus sum up a current event with a humorous picture.

Over the years, certain common metaphors and symbols have been repeatedly used by many different cartoonists. Examples include the use of a donkey and elephant to represent the United States Democratic Party and United States Republican Party respectively, Uncle Sam to represent the United States, a bear to represent Russia, a dragon to represent China, and so forth.

In modern political cartooning a division has started to emerge between two styles of cartooning. The traditional style, involving visual metaphors is described as the 'nasti' style, named after Thomas Nast, an American cartoonist generally considered to be the modern founder of political cartooning. The second style is a much more text heavy 'alti' style that tells a linear story, usually in comic strip format. Although their style, technique or viewpoints may differ, editorial cartoonists draw attention to important social and political issues.

Editorial cartoons can usually be found on the editorial page of most newspapers, although a few, like Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury are sometimes found on the regular comics page.

Notable editorial cartoonists of the past

Notable editorial cartoonists of the present

  • Nick Anderson, American, The Courier-Journal (Kentucky)
  • Robert Ariail, American, The State (South Carolina)
  • Tony Auth
  • Steve Bell
  • Steve Benson
  • Steve Breen, American, San Diego Union-Tribune
  • Jim Borgman, American, Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Charles Brooks, American, Birmingham News
  • Daryl Cagle, American,
  • Paul Conrad, American, Los Angeles Times Syndicate
  • Matt Davies, American, The Journal News (New York)
  • John Deering, American, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • Daniel Fenech, American, 21st Century Newspapers
  • Ed Gamble, American, Florida Times-Union
  • Brian Giovannini
  • Bob Gorrell, American, AOL News
  • Walt Handelsman, American, Newsday
  • Etta Hulme, American, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • Mike Keefe, American, Denver Post
  • Dick Locher, American, Chicago Tribune
  • Mike Luckovich, American, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Jimmy Margulies, American, The Record (New Jersey)
  • Doug Marlette, American, Tribune Media Services
  • Pat Oliphant
  • Mike Peters
  • Ted Rall
  • Michael Ramirez, American, Los Angeles Times
  • Bob Rogers, American, Pittsburg Post-Gazette
  • Steve Sack, American, Minneapolis Star-Tribune
  • Jeff Stahler, American, Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)
  • Scott Stantis, American, Birmingham News
  • Mike Thompson, American, Detroit Free Press
  • Garry Trudeau
  • Ann Telnaes
  • Don Wright, American, Palm Beach Post
  • Larry Wright, American, Detroit News

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