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Phase, from the Greek phasis, meaning 'appearance', has a number of related meanings in English.

  • The phase of a waveform is the position of any peak or trough compared to the same feature on a second waveform.
  • A phase of matter is a physically distinctive form of a substance, such as the solid, liquid, and gaseous phases of ordinary matter. Also sometimes included in this list are more exotic phases such as superfluids.
  • Layers of immiscible liquids are called "phases."
  • A lunar phase is the appearance of the Moon as viewed from the Earth. Similarly with planetary phases .
  • The audio effect and DJ and compositional technique of phasing.
  • The term phase is used in small group communication , conflict, and negotiation to refer to segments during which the types of communication that occur remain approximately similar throughout, but clearly distinct from the types that occur during other phases.

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