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Peter I of Portugal

Peter, the Cruel

Pedro I of Portugal, eighth king of Portugal (in English, Peter I), known as the Cruel (not to be confused with Pedro I of Castile, also known as Pedro the Cruel) or as the Just (Port. o Justiceiro), was born in April 8 1320 and died in January 18 1367. He was the son of Afonso IV of Portugal by his wife, princess Beatrice of Castile. Pedro I succeeded his father in 1357.

Pedro is chiefly known for his love of InÍs de Castro, the Castilian maidservant that his father had killed in 1355. Pedro certainly led at least two revolts against his father before acceeding to the throne. Once he was king he announced that he had married InÍs de Castro in secret and that she, despite dead, was Queen of Portugal. This fact is based only in the king's word.

As King, Pedro was a surprising success. Although he brutally murdered the killers of InÍs de Castro, he also persecuted felons of all classes, and instituted reforms to free the Portuguese Crown and Church from Papal intervention. His wife, Constanza, had been a Castilian princess, and it was for this reason, Pedro joined an Aragonese invasion of Castile-Leon.

Pedro's marriages and descendents

  • First wife: Branca, princess of Castile (divorced)
  • Second wife: Constance, princess of Castile (1320-1349)
    • LuŪs (1340)
    • Maria, princess of Portugal (1342-1367), married to Ferdinand, prince of Aragon
    • Fernando, king of Portugal (1345-1383)
  • InÍs de Castro (third wife?) (1320-killed, 1355)
    • Beatrice, princess of Portugal (1347-1381)
    • Jo„o, prince of Portugal (1349-1387)
    • Dinis, prince of Portugal (1354-1397)
  • Teresa LourenÁo

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