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See also: Persuasion the last novel written by Jane Austen.

Persuasion is the process of convincing someone to believe or act on something. Dissuasion is the process of convincing someone to not believe or act on something.

The word "persuasion" is usually used in distinction to coercion, which involves the use of violence or other kinds of force, or the threat of such force; however, the word has sometimes been used as a euphemism for coercion.

This article is about non-coercive methods of persuasion.

Some methods of persuasion:

By appeal to reason:

By appeal to emotion:

Short-cut methods of persuasion:

Aids to persuasion:

Other techiques, which may or may not work:

Social psychologist Robert Cialdini has written several books exploring the techniques of non-coercive persuasion.

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