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Papelucho is the main character in a series of children books created by Chilean writer Marcela Paz .

Papelucho is based on the experiences of the author as a child, and the books are written in the form of diaries by the title character.

The books are the most read by Chilean school children.

Papelucho series is formed by 12 books:

  • Papelucho (1947)
  • Papelucho Casi Huérfano (1951) (Papelucho almost orphan ).
  • Papelucho Historiador (1955) (Papelucho historian).
  • Papelucho Detective (1957) (Papelucho detective).
  • Papelucho en la Clínica (1958) (Papelucho at the hospital).
  • Papelucho Perdido (1960) (Papelucho lost).
  • Papelucho y mi Hermana Ji (1964) (Papelucho and my sister Ji).
  • Papelucho Misionero (1966) (Papelucho missionary ).
  • Papelucho y el Marciano (1968) (Papelucho and the Martian).
  • Papelucho y mi Hermano Hippie (Papelucho and my hippie brother).
  • Papelucho en Vacaciones (1971) (Papelucho on Vacations).
  • Papelucho ¿Soy Dix Leso? (1974) (Papelucho Am I dyslexic?).

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