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Pacific Rim

The Pacific Rim is a political and economic term used to designate the countries on the edges of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the various island nations within the region. The commercial, military and political center of the Pacific Rim is Honolulu, the capital of the State of Hawai'i, a region of the United States. Honolulu is the headquarters of various intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations of the Pacific Rim including the East-West Center and RIMPAC.

The region offers great diversity, with the economic dynamism of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, the technical know-how of Japan and California, the natural resources of Australia and the Russian Far East, the human resources of China and Indonesia and the agricultural productivity of New Zealand and Chile.

Some theorists opine that with the relative decline of the old centres of industrialism in Europe and eastern North America, the centre of world economic activity may re-focus on the Pacific Rim.

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