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Orly Airport

Orly Airport is an airport located in Orly, south of Paris, France. It has flights to cities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean.

The IATA code is ORY and the ICAO code is LFPO

On 3 June 1962 a Boeing 707 chartered by Air France, flying to Atlanta crashed during take-off. There were 132 people on-board, 130 of them were killed. The only survivours were two stewardesses sitted at the rear of the plane, they experienced minor injuries. At the time it had the highest recorded death toll for a incident involving a single aircraft.

On January 13, 1975, several men, including Carlos the Jackal, made an unsuccessful attempt to destroy an El Al airliner. The men tried again on January 17, also without success.

On July 15, 1983, ASALA bombed a Turkish airline counter in the airport, killing eight people and wounding over 50.

Orly Airport has two terminals (west and south). It is linked to Paris by freeways as well as RATP busses and the Orlyval light rail service (connecting to RER B).

South Terminal

West Terminal

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