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Organizational development

The field of organizational development (OD) is concerned with the performance, development, and effectiveness of human organizations. An organization is defined as two or more people brought together by one or more shared goals.


Important figures

The OD field, which emerged in the first half of the 20th century, has been influenced by many figures including:

OD topics

Topics in OD include:


OD in context

OD is related to:

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External links

There are several professional associations for OD practitioners including:

  • The Organizational Development Network:
  • The Organization Development Institute:
  • The American Society for Training & Development:

The most frequently cited O.D. publication in the world is THE O.D. JOURNAL published by Dr. Donald Cole of the Organization Development Institute:


An intro to OD can be found here:


A great reading list is provided here:


An article by Chris Worley on the future of OD as a profession:

  • Is OD still relevant?

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