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Noumena is a melodic death metal band from Finland. Band's name comes from noumenon, a philosophical term of Immanuel Kant.


Noumena was founded in Ähtäri, Finland on spring 1998. After two demo tapes and few gigs the band made a record deal with a Singaporean label on summer 1999. The debut album was recorded during the very same fall at Astia-studio. The album was eventually left unreleased, because the label went bankrupt and the deal went off.

Though Noumena didn't find a label to release their debut, they continued with their efforts among the metal music. Forcefully the band did another demo tape on spring 2001, which got good reviews.

The years of perseverance were finally rewarded, when on fall 2001 Australian label Catharsis Records decided to release the still unreleased Noumena material. The result was an album called Pride/Fall, released on August 2002, which included songs from 1999 and 2001 sessions.

After a couple of still years, on January 2004, Noumena did a 4-track promo, which was a jackpot. Thanks to the promo Spikefarm Records made a deal with the band. The band spent the next October and November in studio Sundi Coop making the album Absence, which will be released during spring 2005.

Noumena has developed a versatile and distinctive style during their years of existence. The roots of their music can be found from the Scandinavian death metal tradition and 1980's heavy metal. The line-up of Noumena hasn't changed since the beginning. On records and gigs the additional vocals will be sung by a long-time partner Hanna Leinonen.



  • Absence (2005)
  • Pride/Fall (2002)

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