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Naturefriends is an international movement which aims to make nature accessible to the wider community by providing appropriate recreational and travel facilities.

It is a non-profit organization which -- in addition to encouraging green tourism , which has a minimal effect on the environment -- also aims to promote international friendship and understanding.

It is also known as Naturfreunde (German), Les Amis de la Nature (French), Amici della Natura (Italian), La Naturamikoj (Esperanto) and Friends of Nature.

The organization began in Austria in 1895 as Naturfreunde among people associated with the emerging Social Democratic movement who enjoyed outdoor activities and began to build their own huts and overnight chalets.

The movement spread and it now has 600,000 members, 3500 groups and runs some 1000 houses mainly in Europe. The houses vary in size and facilities.

The International Friends of Nature (IFN), based in Vienna, is the umbrella organisation of the national Friends of Nature federations.

Publications of the various sections include a handbook detailing all the houses and magazines published by various sections (such as Naturefriends - Great Britain - Bulletin, Les Amis de La Nature, La Migranto in Esperanto by "Esperantistoj Naturamikoj" etc.).

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