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Michael Watts

Michael J. Watts is a Professor of geography at University of California, Berkeley.

Watts was named the 2003 Guggenheim fellow, selected from more than 3,200 applicants and chosen based on distinguished achievement and exceptional promise for future accomplishments. Watts received his bachelor's degree in geography and economics from London's University College in 1972 and his PhD in 1978 from the University of Michigan. He joined the faculty of the geography department at UC Berkeley in 1979, and served from 1994 to 2004 as Director of the Institute of International Studies, a program that promotes cross-disciplinary global and transnational research and training.

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  • Faculty page

Recent Publications

  • The Hettner Lectures: Geographies of Violence. Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg, 2000.
  • "2001 Black Acts", New Left Review, 9, pp.125-140, 2001.
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