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Mercy Otis Warren


Mercy Otis Warren (September 14, 1728 - October 19, 1814) was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts. She married James Warren in 1754 and moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts. She felt it was her duty to participate in the Patriot cause during the American Revolution. During the time of the revolution, she hosted political meetings in her home, and in 1772, she published her play, The Adulateur. After the war, in 1790, Mrs. Warren published a volume of poetry in her name. In 1805, she wrote History of the American Revolution.

Mercy Otis Warren died in Plymouth.

List of Plays:

  • The Adulateur, a five-act play, published in 1773
  • The Defeat, excerpts from a play, published 1773
  • The Group, a three-act play, published in 1775
  • The Blockheads, a three-act play, published in 1776, shortly after the British withdrew from Boston
  • The Motley Assembly, a farce, published in 1779.

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