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Member of Provincial Parliament

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The Titular designation Member of Provincial Parliament as well as the acronym M.P.P. were formally adopted by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on April 7, 1938. The text of the Resolution passed by the House on that day is as follows:

On motion of Mr. Hunter, seconded by Mr. Miller,
Resolved, That in all matters of address, titular distinction, formal correspondence, official proceedings and all similar matters having to do with and coming under the jurisdiction of the Legislature of Ontario, the members of the Legislative Assembly shall be entitled to the designation "Member of Provincial Parliament" and its abbreviation "M.P.P."

Ontario remains the only Canadian provincial legislative assembly to employ this designation. Other members of Canadian provincial assemblies employ the titles Member of Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.); Member of the National Assembly, (M.N.A. Quebec), and Member of the House of Assembly (M.H.A. Newfoundland and Labrador).

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Source: Journals of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (April 7, 1938)
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