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Max Perutz

Max Ferdinand Perutz (May 19 1914 - February 6 2002) was an Austrian molecular biologist.

He was born in Vienna in 1914. In 1936 he became a research student at the Cavendish Laboratory in a crystallography group directed by J. Bernal, and remained in Cambridge subsequently.

In 1953 Perutz showed that the diffracted rays from protein crystals could be phased by comparing the patterns from crystals of the protein with and without heavy atoms attached. In 1959 he determined the molecular structure of the protein hemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the blood, using this method. In 1962 he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, with John Kendrew.

He established the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology , Cambridge, 1962 and was chairman until 1979. He remained active in research to the end of his life.

His son is a professor in chemistry at The University of York in England.

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