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Transit (transportation)

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In the United States of America, transit describes local area common carrier passenger transportation configured to provide scheduled service on fixed routes on a non-reservation basis.

Transit is often viewed as synonymous with mass transit or mass transportation, but the latter two terms tend to be more inclusive than the term transit used on its own. For example, the term transit bus is understood to mean one equipped for city or frequent-stop suburban service, typically with fareboxes, multiple doors, and efficient and spartan seating, as opposed to more comfortably appointed inter-city or "express" buses, though all would be considered mass transit.

Typical examples of transit operations include rapid transit lines such as subways (metros), light rail, city or suburban omnibuses.

Transit is distinct from other forms of common carrier passenger transportation, such as long-distance or commuter railroads, inter-city buses, or interurban railways on the one hand, or taxicabs on the other.

Commuter railroads are not generally consider transit, although the inner urban operations of some may perform of a transit-like service. Some railroads, such as the Long Island Rail Road in earlier times, maintained a separate fleet of specially configured electric railway cars to provide a rapid transit service on designated routes that was distinct from its regular passenger operations.

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