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Mashhad (مشهد in Persian, also spelt Meshed) is a city located 850 kilometers East of Tehran, Iran, and the center of the province of Khorasan. With a population of more than 2.5 million, Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran and one of the largest holy cities of the world. It attract more than 10 million tourists and pilgrims a year.

It is the capital of Khorasan province. Imam Reza (the eighth Shi'ite Imam) is buried in this city. The city's climatic condition is varied with very cold winters, pleasant springs, usually mild summers and beautiful autumns. Apart from a number of large beautiful parks and numerous hotels, the tomb of Nadir Shah and Kooh Sangi pool are noteworthy sights.

There are also some locations outside the city: the tomb of Khajeh Morad kilometers from Mashhad along the road to Tehran; the tomb of Khajeh Rabi' located 6 kilometers north of the city where there are some inscriptions by the renowned Safavid calligrapher Reza Abbasi; and the tomb of Khajeh Abasalt in a distance of 20 kilometers from Mashhad along the road to Neishabur. (The three personalities were the disciples of Imam Reza). Mashahd is also home to one of the oldest libraries of the Middle-East called the Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi with a glorious history of over six centuries.

Among the other sights are the tomb of the great poet Ferdowsi in Tus, 24 kilometers away from Mashhad; and the Summer resorts at Torghabeh, Torogh , Akhlamad , Zoshk and Shandiz .

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