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Maria Anna of Austria

Maria Anna of Austria (13 January 1610-25 September 1665) (also known as Maria Anna von Bayern, Maria Anna von Habsburg, Maria-Anna Kurfrstin). Born in Graz, her parents were Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor of the Habsburgs and Maria Anna of Bavaria (1574-1616) . She married Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria on the 15 July 1635 in Vienna, was the mother to Ferdinand Maria, elector of Bavaria (de Bavière (Wittelsbach)) and Maximilian Philip (Landgrave, de Bavière (Wittelsbach), de Leuchtenberg)

Maximilian motivation for this swift remarriage (he has recently been widowed by Elisabeth Renata ), was was not so much political grounds as the hope of producing a prince to inherit. Maria Anna is generally described as clever, cautious, energetic, stern, frugal, and experienced in matters of financial administration. In contrast to the Elector's first wife, Maria Anna was very interested in politics and well instructed about developments. She was not bound to the Habsburgs, but rather completely advocated the Bavarian standpoint. Additionally, she conducted lively exchanges of opinion with high officials of the Munich court and took part in meetings of the cabinet. After Maximilian's death, she undertook the regency for their oldest son, Ferdinand Maria. On 25 September the Elector's widow died in Munich, age 55.

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