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Manor of Northstead

The Manor of Northstead was once a collection of fields and farms in the parish of Scalby in the North Riding of Yorkshire. By 1600 the manor house had fallen into disrepair and was occupied only by a shepherd. At present the area of the Manor is part of the Barrowcliff area of the town of Scarborough.

The position of Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead is now used as a procedural device to allow resignation from the House of Commons. Most references say that it was first used in this way on March 20, 1844 to allow Sir George Rose, Member for Christchurch to resign his seat in Parliament, but the official book containing appointments to the Stewardship (lodged in the Public Record Office under reference E 197/1) indicates that Patrick Chalmers, MP for Montrose Burghs, was appointed to this office on April 6, 1842. The writ for the electing of a replacement was moved as if Chalmers had been appointed to the Chiltern Hundreds.

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The Chiltern Hundreds in the Chiltern Hills are also used as a device for resignation.

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