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Los Tres

Los Tres was one of the most famous and important bands in the Chilean nineties culture.

Los Tres, Spanish for "the three of them", was a band of four people after 1988:

  • Álvaro Henríquez Petinelli , voice and guitar
  • Francisco Molina , drums
  • Ángel Parra , lead guitar (member of famous Parra family)
  • Titae Lindl , bass guitar, double bass

Their music was similar to standard rock music, but they integrated much of the Chilean original culture and melodies. The lyrics normally were full of irony and poetry.

The band broke up in 2000, but each of the band members continue to play music.

Los Tres marked an era in the Chilean music when rock and local culture was presented in its best form. They were the beginning of a fruitful Chilean musical culture that was reborn after 20 years of repressive government.

The band was formed in Concepción, the Chilean city of rock.

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