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List of sutras

Below is a list of sutras organized alphabetically under the broad categories of Hinduism and Buddhism. Note that there is considerable difficulty in fixing the period of the various sutras.


Sutras primarily associated with Hinduism

Vedic sutras (800-300 BC)

  • Kalpa Sutras , covering rituals
    • Srauta Sutras , performance of sacrifices
    • Sulba Sutras , architecture of sacrificial area
  • Smarta Sutras , covering domestic life
    • Grhya Sutras
    • Samayacarika or Dharma Sutras
  • Ashtadhyayi (Panini), discussing grammar

Sutras of Hindu Philosophy

Sutras primarily associated with Buddhism

Pali Suttas

  • Anapanasati Sutta , a discourse on the method of being mindful of the breath
  • Brahmajala Sutta , a critique of 64 'wrong views' current at the time of the Buddha
  • Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta , the Buddha's first discourse on the nature of his enlightenment
  • Dhammapada, a collection of sayings and aphorisms thought to be amongst the oldest texts
  • Goshinga Sutta
  • Kalama Sutta
  • Mahaparinibbana Sutta , the last days of the Buddha, Theravada version
  • Metta Sutta , a rhapsody on the quality of universal loving-kindness
  • Satipathana Sutta
  • Upanisa Sutta , on the two types of conditionality

Mahayana Sutras

See also Buddhist Texts: Mahayana text

Vajrayana Sutras

  • Mahavairocana Sutra also known as the Mahavairocanādhisambodhi Tantra.
  • Vajrasekhara Sutra

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