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List of occultists

List of notable occultists and mystics.

This is a list of notable people, whether contemporary, historical or legendary, who are or were involved in any of the following practices and traditions:

Since this is a subject which has attracted hoaxes, folklore, and tall tales, the inclusion of historical persons is limited based on considerations of accepted historical fact - a restriction which obviously does not apply to fictional or mythological figures.

For a list of sleight of hand artists and practitioners of stage magic, see: List of magicians.


Famous magicians:

Some historical or legendary magicians, wizards, witches, or people who have been claimed to be so, are:

Classical mythology:

Ancient world:

Mediæval Europe:


Enlightenment and early modern period:

Nineteenth century:

Twentieth century:

People subjected to magical legends

These people may or may not have been practicing magicians, mystics, or diviners, but later stories or folklore have arisen that link them to such practices:

Magical movements, societies, and organisations:

Rosicrucian Movements:

Other Mystical Movements:

Fictional wizards, magicians, and witches:

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