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List of politics-related topics

Politics is the process and method of gaining or maintaining support for public or common action: the conduct of decision-making for groups. This notion predates human society. Although it is usually applied to governments, political behavior is also observed in corporate, academic, religious, and other institutions. Political science is the field devoted to studying political behavior and examining the acquisition and application of power, or the ability to impose one's will on another. Its practitioners are known as political scientists. Political scientists look at elections, public opinion, institutional activities (how legislatures act, the relative importance of various sources of political power), the ideologies behind various politicians and interest groups, how politicians achieve and wield their influence, and so on. A lot of articles in Wikipedia are related to politics, especially to political science, democracy and the various aspects of a democratic system, most notably elections. In general, all the following articles have at least some connection with politics or the democratic decision-making process.

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Politics (general)


Political systems/forms of government

Political theories and ideologies

Political theorists

Classical political theorists

Modern political theorists

Contemporary political theorists

State and government


Political components


Direct democracy

Indirect democracy

Presidential system

Parliamentary system

Alternative forms of democracy


Election and Electoral systems

Election results

Voting and counting systems

Miscellaneous on elections


Political parties


Politics by country


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