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List of algorithms

The following is a list of the algorithms described in Wikipedia. See also the list of data structures, list of algorithm general topics and list of terms relating to algorithms and data structures.

If you intend to describe a new algorithm, please read algorithms on Wikipedia first, then add a link to your article and a one-line description here.


Combinatorial algorithms

General combinatorial algorithms

Graph algorithms

See main article graph theory

Search algorithms

String searching algorithms

Sort algorithms

Compression algorithms

Computational geometry

Computer graphics

  • Bresenham's line algorithm: plots points of a 2-dimensional array to form a straight line between 2 specified points (uses decision variables)
  • DDA line algorithm : plots points of a 2-dimensional array to form a straight line between 2 specified points (uses floating-point math)
  • Flood fill: fills a connected region of a multi-dimensional array with a specified symbol
  • Painter's algorithm: detects visible parts of a 3-dimensional scenery
  • Ray tracing: realistic image rendering

Cryptographic algorithms

See also Topics in cryptography for an 'analytical glossary')

Distributed systems algorithms

  • Lamport ordering: a partial ordering of events based on the happened-before relation
  • Snapshot algorithm: a snapshot is the process of recording the global state of a system
  • Vector ordering : a total ordering of events

Numerical algorithms

See also main article numerical analysis and list of numerical analysis topics

Digital signal processing

Number theoretic algorithms

Numerical algebra

Optimization algorithms


Software engineering

Quantum algorithms

Application of quantum computation to various categories of problems and algorithms


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