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List of English suffixes

This is a list of suffixes in English:

suffix Meaning Samples
-agogy leading pedagogy, demagogy
-archy rule, leadership gynarchy, anarchy
-cele, -coele, -coel body cavity mucocoel or mucocoele
-cele tumor, hernia hydatidocele
-centesis puncturing amniocentesis, rachicentesis
-chondrion small grainlike structure mitochondrion
-cide murder, killing agent suicide, vespacide, regicide
-cracy rule, government kakistocracy, democracy, androcracy
-cycle circle, cycle, unit of radio frequency epicycle, hydrocycle
-ectasia, -ectasis stretching out brochiectasis , telangiectasia
-ectomy surgical removal laryngectomy, vasectomy
-emesis vomiting hematemesis, hyperemesis
-emia blood condition leukemia, anaemia
-enchyma cellular tissue mesenchyma , karyenchyma
-esthesis, -esthesia sensation, feeling synesthesia, kinesthesis
-fugal fuge, driving or travelling away from, expelling centrifugal
-hedron geometric solid icosahedron, tetrahedron
-holic love, addiction alcoholic
-id skin rash syphilid
-ism doctrine, act, practice, condition Protestantism, alcoholism, Buddhism, southernism
-ist person dentist
-itis disease, inflmation hepatitis, gingivitis
-itude attitude, certitude
-ium metallic element (exception: helium) sodium, Calcium
-kinesis movement (ability thereof) telekinesis
-ly -like, having the attributes of; In modern English, primarily changes adjectives to adverbs; also changes some nouns to adjectives and some (past-tense) verbs to adverbs quick(adj) > quickly(adv), state(n) > stately(adj), abashed(v) > abashedly(adv)
-mania an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action kleptomania, megalomania, mythomania
-ography or -ogram writing, description stenography, geography, ideogram
-oid resembling solenoid, hominoid
-ology study, science planetology, thyroidology , phthisiology
-omics area of biology proteomics
-onomy knowledge of astronomy
-onym name, word antonym, consonym , heteronym
-osis process, action mitosis, osmosis
-osis formation ostosis
-osis diseased condition psychosis
-phagy, -phagia eating monophagy
-philia attraction hemophilia
-phobia fear acrophobia, mysophobia
-phone sound, audio telephone, homophone
-science knowing omniscience
-scope from Greek skopos, view; instrument for viewing and observing spaces microscope, telescope
-ship circle, state of being friendship, relationship
-stan land, country Afghanistan
-tropism to turn phototropism
-us inflamation ulcus (ulcer)
-ward direction southward
-wise direction clockwise

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