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Lisa Simpson

Lisa Marie Simpson (voiced by Yeardley Smith), is a fictional character on the animated television series; The Simpsons, and named after Matt Groening's sister.

Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson

Lisa is an extremely bright girl, with an IQ of 159. Officially, her highest grade is an A+++ which she earned by cheating in a test on The Wind in the Willows. She later re-marked the test as an F.

Her musical abilities are extensive: she sings with a powerful voice, and has been seen playing both the acoustic six-string and electric bass guitar proficiently. However, her great love is jazz blues performed on her baritone saxophone. She uses a 4&frac12 reed, a fairly stiff reed for an 8 year old. Her musical inclinations were greatly nourished through her relationship with the late jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy.

Lisa is both a lacto-ovo vegetarian and a practicing Buddhist, although she pays lip service to her family's Christian denomination. She also dabbles in Wicca, which she finds empowering as a budding feminist. This explanation of hers seems very likely, because she has a strong skepticism against the supernatural, applying Occam's Razor when the rest of the family fails to. She is seen by some to whine at times or to have a persistent sense of superiority that often grows into self-aggrandizement, but she retains a childlike impressionability despite her intelligence, for example, she would love to have a pony and enjoys her mother's homemade waffles (and is disappointed when they turn out to be square pancakes).

Lisa is someone who is very ecelectic in her knowledge and shows a deep understanding of the world around her. She may be seen as a child prodigy. Critics have also pointed out that the character of Lisa is a hint to the slighting of children in the real world though they may be a lot more knowledgeable and perceptive than the adults.

Like every young girl, Lisa has also went through periods of rebellion. For a short time, she smoked cigarettes with older girls in the school bathroom, and even told her teacher, Miss Hoover, to "shove it" when she didn't feel like sprinkling sparkles on her art assignment.


Lisa is:

Her former uncles-by-marriage include Robert Underdunk "Sideshow Bob" Terwilliger, Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure.

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