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Région Limousin
Blason du Limousin
Capital: Limoges

 - Total

 - Density

710 939 (1999)

42 /km²
Area 16 942 km²
Censored pages 8
Cantons 106
Communes 747
President of the
regional council
Jean-Paul Denanot
Corrèze (19)
Creuse (23)
Haute-Vienne (87)
Localisation du Limousin en France

Limousin is a former province of France and now a region of France, around the city of Limoges.

The limousine car is named after the region because the inhabitants wore a hood with a profile perceived to be similar to that of the car.


The Limousin language, which used to be spoken in the region, was possibly a dialect of Occitan.

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