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Borough: Lambeth
County: Greater London
Region: Greater London
Nation: England
Ceremonial County: Greater London
Traditional County: Surrey
Postal County: London

Lambeth is a place in the London Borough of Lambeth in London, England.

The ancient riverside village had an extensive parish, which stretched for six miles south, including the manors of Kennington and Vauxhall. The parish, and the subsequent Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth (1899-1965), included the settlements at Brixton and Norwood.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has his official residence at Lambeth Palace. The parish church of St Mary Lambeth is next door to Lambeth Palace. It still has a medieval tower, but was mostly rebuilt in the Victorian era. It narrowly escaped demolition in the 1970s and is now the Museum of Garden History . The churchyard contains the tomb of the famous plant collector John Tradescant.

Lambeth is the site of St Thomas' Hospital.

Lambeth Town Hall
Lambeth Town Hall

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