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Kumgangsan Tourist Region

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Kŭmgangsan Tourist Region
Korean Name
McCune-Reischauer Kŭmgangsan Kwan'gwang Chigu
Revised Romanization Geumgangsan Gwan-gwang Jigu
Hangul 금강산 관광 지구
Hanja 金剛山觀光地區
Short Name Kŭmgangsan (Geumgangsan)
금강산; 金剛山
Population ?
Area ?
Government Tourist Region
Split from Kangwŏn, 2002
Region Yeongdong
Dialect Kangwŏn

Kŭmgangsan Tourist Region (Kŭmgangsan Kwan'gwang Chigu) is a special administrative region of North Korea. It was established in 2002 to handle South Korean tourist traffic to Kŭmgangsan (Diamond Mountain, the second tallest mountain in North Korea).

Since 1998, South Korea tourists have been allowed to visit Kŭmgangsan, travelling usually by cruise ship but on rare occasions by bus. In 2002, the area around the mountain was separated from Kangwŏn Province and organized as a separately administered Tourist Region.

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