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Koryo Hotel

Koryo Hotel is the second largest hotel in North Korea. Erected in 1986 under the close scrutiny of the Kim Il-song, it was intended to "showcase the glory and strength of the DPRK." The hotel's extravagance is legendary. Examples include the entryway which consists of a 9 metre (30 foot) wide jade dragon mouth that leads into an expansive lobby dominated by a mosaic of North Korean cultural symbols. The mosaic tiles make use of a wide variety of precious metals and gemstones underneath low dispersion glass panes, which are replaced biannually to preserve the mosaic's lustre.

The building is a modest 143 metres (469 feet) tall and boasts 400 rooms. Amenities include a gift shop, gym, and a movie theater which generally shows communist propaganda or early Charlton Heston movies.

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