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Kirkcaldy District 1975-96

Kirkcaldy is a town in Fife, Scotland. Known as The Lang Toun, it has a population of about 47,000. It is on the North side of the Firth of Forth a large river estuary leading into the North Sea. Kirkcaldy sits between Dundee, and Edinburgh. The little old village of Dysart is now counted as part of Kirkcaldy - the newer more sprawling town.

Kirkcaldy is famous for its traditional linoleum manufacturing centre, and its annual week-long Links Market - Europe's longest street market - that celebrated its 700th anniversary in 2004. The town still has one of the longest developed sea-fronts in Europe, overlooking the Firth of Forth river.

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Famous people

Famous people from Kirkcaldy include the "Father of Modern Economics" Adam Smith, the "Father of Standard Time" (Universal Standard Time), Sandford Fleming and one of Scotland's most famous architects, Robert Adam. The politician, Sir David Steel was born here whilst the current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, was brought up in the town. Twice World darts champion Jocky Wilson was also born and still lives in the town. Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman comes from Kirkcaldy too.


The local football team in the town is Raith Rovers F.C. who play at Stark's Park. The oldest existing ice hockey team in the United Kingdom - Fife Flyers - are based in the town, playing at Fife Ice Arena.


Fife College has several campuses throughout the town, the main one being the St Brycedale Campus. They provide training and education for over 15,000 people. Actors Ewan McGregor, Dougray Scott and the artist Jack Vettriano are some of the famous people that have attended the College. The College has over 700 courses on offer.

Kirkcaldy is home to four high schools and eleven primary schools, they are as follows:

High Schools

Primary Schools

  • Capshard
  • Dunearn
  • Dunnikier
  • Fairisle
  • Kirkcaldy North
  • Kirkcaldy West
  • Pathhead
  • Sinclairtown
  • St Maries R C
  • Torbain
  • Valley


The local paper, the Fife Free Press is published every Thursday containing all the latest news from the town. Since February 2002, the local hospital radio station Classic VRN began broadcasting 24 hours a day on 1287 Medium Wave.

Political subdivisions

From 1975 Kirkcaldy gave its name to a local government district in the Fife region of Scotland. Since 1996 it has been included in the Fife unitary area. (See: Subdivisions of Scotland)


Areas of Kirkcaldy include:

  • Balsusney
  • Bennochy
  • Boreland
  • Chapel
  • Dunnikier
  • Gallatown
  • Hayfield
  • Linktown
  • Longbraes
  • Newliston
  • Overton
  • Pathhead
  • Raith
  • Sinclairtown
  • Smeaton
  • Templehall
  • Valley

Twin towns

Kirkcaldy is twinned with Ingolstadt, Germany.

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