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Kings of Assyria

This page lists the Kings of Assyria from earliest times. It is a revised chronology that has been based on three less known solar eclipse records in King Esarhaddon's reign, providing good absolute dates for the years between 911 BC and 649 BC.


Early Period

"Kings who lived in tents"

  • Zuabu
  • Nuabu, son of Zuabu
  • Abazu, viceroy of Manishtusu of Akkad, son of Nuabu
  • Belu or Tillu, son of Abazu,
  • Asarah, son of Belu
  • Ititi
  • Enlil-kabkabu
  • Ushpia fl. ca. 2020 BC
  • Kikkia
  • Akiya
  • Puzur-Ashur I fl. ca.1975 BC
  • Shallim-ahhe
  • Ilushuma raids into southern Mesoptamia
  • Erishum I 1939-1900 BC
  • Ikunum

Akkadian Empire

Middle Assyrian Period

Neo-Assyrian Period

In 612 BC, Nineveh, the Assyrian capital, fell to the Medes and Babylonians; supported by the Egyptians, an Assyrian general continued to rule for a few years from Harran as

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