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List of monarchs of Naples and Sicily

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The following is a list of monarchs of Naples and Sicily:

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Hauteville Counts of Sicily, 1071-1130

Hauteville Kings of Sicily, 1130-1198

Hohenstaufen Kings of Sicily, 1194-1266

Angevin Kings of Naples, 1266-1442

Aragonese Kings of Sicily, 1282-1409

to Aragon, and then Spain, 1409-1713, to Savoy, 1713-1720, to Austria, 1720-1735

Aragonese Kings of Naples, 1442-1500

to France, 1500-1504 to Aragon, and then Spain, 1504-1707, then to Austria, 1707-1735

Bourbon Kings of Naples and Sicily, 1735-1806

Bonapartist Kings of Naples, 1806-1815

Kings of the Two Sicilies, 1815-1860

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