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Kingdom of Navarre

The Kingdom of Navarre, originally called Pamplona, arose circa 824 when Iñigo Arista led a revolt against the Franks. In 1511, the part of Navarre south of the Pyrenees (the majority of the Kingdom) was annexed by Ferdinand II of Aragon. The tiny portion of Navarre north of the Pyrenees known as Basse-Navarre, along with the neighboring Principality of Béarn , continued to be held by the French Kings of Navarre. The last separate king of Navarre, Henry III (reigned 1572-1610), succeeded to the throne of France as Henry IV in 1589. In 1620, French Navarre and Béarn were incorporated into France proper by Henry's son, Louis XIII of France. The title of King of Navarre continued to be used by the Kings of France until 1791, and was revived again during the Restoration from 1814 to 1830.

Today, Navarre is an autonomous community of Spain and Basse-Navarre is part of France's Pyrénées Atlantiques département.

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