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List of Navarrese monarchs

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This is a list of the kings of Navarre.


ca 824-1234 House of Jimenez

1234-1284 Monarchs from Champagne

1284-1349 Capetian Dynasty

1328-1441 ╔vreux

1425-1479 Trastßmara

1479-1483 Counts of Foix

1483-1573 Albret

Jean of Albret was defeated by Ferdinand II of Aragon in 1512, who married Germana of Foix and southern Navarre was annexed to Spain. The following monarchs reigned over the portion of Navarre north of the Pyrenees, called Lower Navarre. (The Spanish monarchs styled themselves monarchs of Navarre until 1833.)

1572-1620 Bourbon

Henry III of Navarre became Henry IV of France and thereafter the crown of Navarre passed to the kings of France. In 1620, the Kingdom was merged into France, although the French kings continued to use the title of King of Navarre until 1791, and it was revived from 1814 to 1830 during the Restoration.

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